It all starts here with 8 sessions of comprehensive online and in person training program tailored to suit the individual learning needs of each Volunteer. Volunteers learn about personal, social, practical, and emotional support for their clients as well as a large emphasis on Volunteer selfcare. A greater number of trained hospice Volunteers reduces the chances of burnout and high turnover rates!

Once trained our Volunteers can choose from a variety of jobs such as:

  • Working with clients directly
  • Providing transportation
  • Shopping
  • Vigiling
  • Spending time outdoors
  • Reading out loud
  • Playing cards and games
  • Staying connected through phone calls, Skype, or emails
  • Going for coffee or lunch
  • Providing a caregiver some respiteĀ 

We provide many educational opportunities for our Volunteers. By encouraging them to learn and grow, we find that they are more inclined to continue their services with us. When you become part of The Terrace Regional Hospice Network, so many people benefit! 

 If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please contact our office to inquire about our next training sessions