Special Thanks


The wonderful people at Northern Savings Credit Union have been very generous with a donation to go towards our amazing new program called MEMORIES OF A LIFETIME. We have cameras, tripods, software and Volunteers all lined up……we just need you.

This is a legacy gift for those who will be touched by your death. 

Your life story is one of the most precious gifts you can give your loved ones. It can be both rewarding and entertaining to look back over your life and reflect on the experiences that have influenced you and to remember the people who were important to you.

You can be as creative as you wish. These are your memories. You could add your favorite chocolate chip recipe and tell where you got it. You could talk about trips you took and we can embed pictures and maps. Talk about hobbies. Talk about your childhood, what you were like as a teenager or who your first love was. Or simply your words of wisdom for the younger generation.

Here’s How It Works:

One of our trained Volunteers will meet with you to discuss what you would like covered in the film as well as any attachments.  You will be given a sample list of questions to get your creative juices flowing.

There will be an interview scheduled. The Volunteer will come with cameras, tripods, and laptop.

The interviewer will start a gentle conversation using the previously agreed upon questions.

The video is then edited and saved as a video file onto a usb flash drive for your loved ones to keep and    enjoy forever.

Call to set up an appointment – 250-635-4811

Thanks to Northern Savings for their generous donation to Caregiver Yoga.

The Terrace Hospice Society’s “Caregiver Yoga” program offers a safe space for caregivers to take time and practice self care. The program is already proving to be a big success!


Thank You 7 Angels!!!

7 beautiful angels came out in support of the 2019 Hike for Hospice. This lovely group was made up of Grandmothers, Daughters, and Granddaughters. Even the two youngsters completed the challenge, including the smallest of them who is only 4 years old. It is great to see young people get involved with volunteerism.

Collectively these amazing ladies donated over $650.00. Awesome work and we hope to see you again next year.

Thank You Ideal OS!!!

Over the last year Ideal has provided color printing for Terrace Hospice Society. Here, the chair of Terrace Hospice is thanking Elisha Menzel from IdealOS with a receipt for the In-Kind printing they have done to support Terrace Hospice though this very busy year.

Because of this, the twice-yearly Bereavement Support Group had manuals printed for them, Terrace Hospice Society had newsletters printed in a new and improved format, much advertising was done for various groups and activities, including the Death Café, Advance Care Planning, and the Hike for Hospice (May, 2019).

Thank you IdealOS for your always friendly support of our volunteer, non-profit group.

Thank You RBC!!!

Thanks to RBC for their continued support. The staff put together a team of 8 volunteers from the RBC Terrace branch who came out and helped with the 2019 Hike for Hospice. Your help was very much appreciated. In addition to all the manpower they provided they also presented us with a cheque for $1000. All the money collected from the Hike for Hospice goes toward our Rainbows program that provides grief support for youth who are navigating a loss, whether from death, divorce, or abandonment. Kudos RBC.

Thank You Walmart!!!

Terrace Hospice Society (THS) is delighted to publicly thank Walmart for their cheque of a thousand dollars to help make the Traumatic Loss Facilitator Training Workshop a success. Without the funding the 19 volunteers would not have been trained to offer Traumatic Loss Group Support Programs in their communities. Thank You Walmart for giving back to the community of Terrace in this way.