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Coming Home: A Guide to Dying at Home with Dignity

 Category: General Hospice

Today in ever increasing numbers, terminally ill people are choosing to spend their last days at home, in the warmth of familiar surroundings rather than in the cold, impersonal sterility of a hospital or nursing home. With skyrocketing hospital and nursing home costs, sometimes there is no choice. If you, or a loved one is faced with this situation, here is an information source to support and assist your efforts and knowledge to ease the path of the terminally ill to a peaceful conclusion. In “Coming Home” Deborah Duda answers many poignant questions with sensitivity, compassion, and knowledge born of her first-hand experience. Detailed diagrams support an active understanding of the specific techniques described. In clear, easy to understand language, she outlines how to make the final weeks as comfortable and meaningful as possible, encouraging the dying person to live fully, until the moment of death.