Terrace Hospice Society (THS) would not be able to exist without volunteers.

Before visiting clients, Volunteers are required to complete 20 to 30 hours of training. Interested in volunteering? Download the application and return to volunteer.terracehospice@citywest.ca or  #207 – 4650 Lazelle Ave. If you have any questions, please call (250) 635-4811.

Specific Volunteer activities may include:


      • —Listening, keeping in mind that the client and family’s welfare is always of prime concern, and —responding when appropriate.
      • —Spending time or maintaining telephone contact with client\family members.
      • —Involving the client\family in recreational activities, for example: walks, wheelchair rides, lunch, coffee\tea, movies, shopping, listening to music, playing games and cards.
      • —Writing letters for clients and reading books or newspapers to clients.
      • —Assisting with practical tasks, running errands, making clients feel comfortable, providing information about available resources.
      • —Assisting with transportation.


Volunteer Training takes place throughout the year.

A semester of 30 hours of volunteer training will take on a personal (as opposed to a group) approach to training, though select activities will be done in groups.

All materials covered in the Hospice Palliative Care Volunteer Training Program (2012) published by the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association will be covered in individual or small group formats. This includes:

–        Module 1: Introduction to Hospice Palliative Care and the Role of the Volunteer

–        Module 2: Effective Communication Skills

–        Module 3: Families and Family Dynamics

–        Module 4: Emotional/Psychological Issues and Support

–        Module 5: Spiritual Issues and Support

–        Module 6: Physical Issues and Support, Including Pain and Symptom Management

–        Module 7: Caring for People at Home or in a Hospice

–        Module 8: Grief and Bereavement

–        Module 9: Self Care

Additional modules planned include Advance Care Planning and A tour of the Funeral Services. Other concerns identified by volunteers will be addressed as needed.

To qualify for this training, please fill out a volunteer application form and request a Police Information Check from the staff at THS. This will be followed by an interview by the coordinator and/or educator. Applicants will also be asked for their $10.00 annual Membership fee to THS. This membership fee insures them for their volunteer activities.

Contact us for information about the next Volunteer Training Program.