Northern Savings

The wonderful people at Northern Savings Credit Union have been very generous with a donation to go towards our amazing new program called MEMORIES OF A LIFETIME. We have cameras, tripods, software and Volunteers all lined up……we just need you!

Your life story is one of the most precious gifts you can give your loved ones. It can be both rewarding and entertaining to look back over your life and reflect on the experiences that have influenced you and to remember the people who were important to you.

You can be as creative as you wish. These are your memories. You could add your favorite chocolate chip recipe and tell where you got it. You could talk about trips you took and we can embed pictures and maps. Talk about hobbies! Talk about your childhood, what you were like as a teenager or who your first love was. Or simply your words of wisdom for the younger generation.

Here’s how Memories of a Lifetime works:

  1. One of our trained Volunteers will meet with you to discuss what you would like covered in the film as well as any attachments.  You will be given a sample list of questions to get your creative juices flowing.
  2. There will be an interview scheduled and the Volunteer will come with cameras, tripods, and laptop.
  3. The interviewer will start a gentle conversation using the previously agreed upon questions.
  4. The video is then edited and saved as a video file onto a usb flash drive for your loved ones to keep and enjoy forever.

Register for Memories of a Lifetime here!