Programs & Services



The Terrace Hospice Society and the BC Centre for Palliative Care have partnered to present public workshops for Advance Care Planning (ACP).

These free public informational workshops will explain how to make an ACP for future health care and why it is so important to have one. This information along with resource materials will guide the participants into making their own individual Advance Care Plan. This simple approach can bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones as others will know what your wishes are even if you are not well enough to speak for yourself.

Plan to join us at one of our free workshops to learn how you can plan for the future. Contact Diana at THS (250) 635-4811 to register for the next workshop.


Our visiting volunteer program is a valuable community service where trained volunteers offer companionship to palliative patients in the community, either in their homes, in hospital or in Terraceview Lodge. Visiting volunteers provide much-needed respite for caregivers and a kind and compassionate presence for individuals in need of emotional and practical support.

Our volunteers undergo a comprehensive hospice training course that teaches skills such as active listening and empathic communication. They are also equipped to offer practical support; from advance care planning and navigating palliative resources within the community, to helping with small tasks such as providing transportation to appointments and shopping. Above all, the volunteer is someone who will listen and provide compassionate emotional support.

THS services are accessible to all individuals with a chronic illness, deemed palliative and/or in need of grief support.  Referrals are accepted from various sources such as clients, professionals, community members, family, and friends. With our aging population, by 2026, the number of Canadians dying each year will increase by 40%. Most Canadians would prefer to die at home.  Hospice services support clients in this effort.

Terrace Hospice also offers respite for caregivers who may need a break to attend to their own self-care. THS is a member of the BC Hospice Palliative Care Association that advocate for access to quality end-of-life care for everyone in BC and the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association who provides the basis for our comprehensive volunteer training.

For more information contact Sue, Terrace Hospice Coordinator at 250-635-4811.


This support group is provided twice a year and delivered over 8 weeks per session. Participants learn coping skills, self-care and how to develop a healthy support network. They learn that they are not alone in their grief. This group is offered to all grieving individuals in Terrace and outlying areas. Referrals for the group are abundant, and there is often a wait list for participants. Community support for the group is high, since it assists people in working through the initial intense grief and possibly reduces doctor’s visits for stressed and grieving people. Local professionals recognize the vast need for a grief support and regularly refers clients. Group evaluations completed by participants have been very positive.

If you have grief issues caused by the loss of a loved one, no matter how long ago, and would like to be part of this Grief Support Group call THS to register. This Support Group will be limited to 6 clients and a commitment to attend will be required. The times and dates offered will partially depend on the group members.

For information on the next Grief Support Group please contact Sue at 250-635-4811.


Traumatic loss support groups provide a safe and accepting environment for participants who have experienced a loss by homicide, suicide, substance use or other traumatic death. Grief and bereavement after a sudden, unexpected and violent death of a loved one often leads the survivors into an extremely difficult healing journey. Therapeutic benefits from talking with others who share similar experiencesinclude:

  • Helps dispel sense of isolation
  • Increases experiences of connection and belonging
  • Offers opportunities to receive compassionate understanding from self and others
  • Helps to reduce stigma and feelings of shame, blame, and stress
  • Provides opportunities for social and interpersonal learning
  • Increases sense of autonomy and well-being

This is a closed group meeting weekly for 8 weeks. Call Sue to register 250-635-4811.


Rainbows are an International not-for-profit organization designed to provide support and healing for children who are going through painful transitions.  The organization started in 1983 in three Chicago schools, and now has spread to 17 countries and served over one million children, adolescents, and young adults.  The loss and transitions may be from death, divorce, separation, or abandonment which for many is an inescapable reality.  The goal is to move children from hurt, through healing, to hope.

Terrace Hospice Society currently runs this program in two local schools as an after school program. To learn more about accessing or supporting this program, contact Sue at (250) 635-4811.


This is comprehensive training program tailored to suit the individual learning needs of each volunteer. Volunteers learn about personal, social, practical and emotional support for their clients. A large emphasis is placed on self-care of the volunteers as well. Once certified, the trained volunteers provide quality support for their assigned clients and families.

When you become part of The Terrace Hospice Society team of volunteers, we all benefit!  Volunteering provides many perks and opportunities, and the rewards are as unique and personal as your reasons for wanting to be a volunteer!


The goal of the Terrace Hospice Society library is to educate the public on a variety of topics regarding both life and death. Available resources include books, videos, CD’s and DVD’s which focus on self-care, coping skills, and how to navigate through grief and loss. We also have a selection of Room 217 cd’s. These are used as gentle background music and can provide peace and comfort.

To improve accessibility, there are no library fees and we allow an extended borrowing time due to our clients special circumstances.  The library is open to all members of the community.


Each December a non-denominational service is organized by the Terrace Hospice Society.  It is open to all community members and brings together those who have suffered the loss of a loved one (recent or otherwise).  It plays a healing role for participants in their journey towards grief recovery, during what can be a difficult time of year.

This program is supported and sustained by community members and our Volunteers, who demonstrate support by donating their time as guest speakers, readers and artists with musical talents.


The Terrace Hospice Society quarterly newsletter is a great way to stay updated on what’s what and who’s who in THS. Here is where you will learn about upcoming events, new education opportunities, as well as hospice services and how to access them. It is free and delivered directly to organizations, professionals and coffee shops in the area.  The newsletter is created by the Terrace Hospice Society Coordinator and the Volunteers.

To make sure you don’t miss any of the news, call THS with your email address and the newsletter arrive in your inbox 4 times a year.


What on earth is a Death Café you might ask? Death Café gatherings are held internationally and are dedicated to discussing death publicly with the aim of normalizing conversations around death and dying. It’s not a counselling session but simply a group of people coming together in a relaxed and respectful atmosphere, enjoying a cup of coffee, while sharing engaging conversation.

Join us for an informal sharing of thoughts and questions about death, dying, and grieving. Contact THS for the next date and venue. 250-635-4811


Peaceful Words Book Club is a reading group with a maximum number of 8 participants so that everyone has time to share their thoughts. THS has an extensive reading list that covers topics around death, dying, caregiving, and grieving. We meet once a week and generally read only a chapter or two then get together to discuss it in depth. It is amazing how many different perspectives come out and how much fun we have.

Contact THS for more information (250) 635-4811


 Hike for Hospice is a unique national fundraising event that takes place across Canada and brings together organizations working in hospice palliative care to raise funds and awareness in their community. This event takes place in May each year and starting in 2017 THS has dedicated all of the funds raised to our Rainbows program which is grief support for youth.  Stay tuned for the next date and venue.

Memories of a lifetime

Memories of a Lifetime is a program where you are interviewed by a trained volunteer to record the legacy of your life. These memories are a precious gift that can be given to your loved ones when you pass. It can be both rewarding and entertaining to look back over your life and reflect on the experiences that have influenced you and to remember the people who were important to you. To sign up for this program, see the “Register for Memories of a Lifetime” tab on the main menu.