Hospice Pride

At any Hospice organization, the comfort and care of the client/patient is the priority. Unfortunately, 2SLGBTQ+ individuals have historically been denied equal and respectful access to healthcare. According to Rosa Armstrong for the Princess Alice Hospice, “In a 2020 study, it was reported that 25% of staff working in hospice care observed discriminatory care towards lesbian, gay, and bisexual patients and 20% observed discrimination towards their transgender patients.” (Pride History – Princess Alice Hospice, 2024). The Terrace Regional Hospice Network is proud to establish safe and respectful care opportunities for all community members.

There are many reasons 2SLGBTQ+ individuals avoid end-of-life, hospice, and palliative programs including:

  • Discrimination from healthcare professionals, staff, or advisors
  • Losing community connections
  • Fear of a partner/spouse being ignored or discriminated against during end-of-life planning
  • Fear of being denied services (especially in religiously associated hospices)
  • The fear of their identity, chosen name, or pronouns being erased, removed, or disrespected after their passing (this includes being buried under the wrong name)

Although progress has been made in an effort to dismantle prejudices against minorities in healthcare spaces, there is still a long way to go. By ensuring our volunteer and vocational practices are a safe and welcoming space for all those requiring assistance, we can increase the number of people who feel comfortable accessing end-of-life care and provide an open environment for everyone to enjoy! 

For more information on the 2SLGBTQ+ hospice experience, visit the links below!

Pride history – Princess Alice Hospice. (2024, May 15). Princess Alice Hospice. https://www.pah.org.uk/blog/pride-history/