The Terrace Hospice Society is always striving to improve Programs and Services and stay up to date.  We often sponsor educational opportunities for our Volunteers. Many of these courses are available online but the Board of Directors may also assist Volunteers with travel expenses when specific training involves travel to other cities. In addition we have brought in facilitators to teach us locally. 

Volunteers are the lifeline of the Terrace Hospice Society. Additional training and education strengthens our organization and ensures the Volunteers provide exceptional comfort and support to those nearing end-of-life or those grieving and bereaved.

THS Hosts BC Bereavement Helpline (BCBH) Traumatic Loss Facilitation

On April 6-7 Terrace Hospice Society hosted a Traumatic Loss Facilitator Training Workshop for a group of 19 people. Hospice Societies in the North were invited to `attend, along with counsellors from First Nations Villages. A few other people learned of this by word of mouth. People from Houston, Smithers, Moricetown, Kitwanga, Kitsumkalum, the Nass, Terrace and Prince Rupert were present at this event. 

Thanks goes to Bob Erb for putting up the initial financial investment. The Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem donated funds to bring the BC Bereavement Help Line Facilitator Marlyn Ferguson up for the weekend, and provided catering services for the lunches and coffee breaks for all of the participants. Emmy’s catering was a hit for sure among the participants. We all enjoyed the food. Thank you Emmy! 

Terrace is now able to provide its own Traumatic Loss 8-week Support Group starting in June 2019 with 3 facilitators, and hopefully 8 participants. Please contact Sue Skeates at 

250 635 4811 if you would like to apply for this upcoming event.