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You’ll Leave This World With Your Butt Sewn Shut And Other Little-Known Secrets, Shocking Facts, and Amusing Trivia about Death and Dying


This isn’t your average walk through the graveyard. Filled with facts that will tickle your gray matter, You’ll Leave This World with Your Butt Sewn Shut provides answers to all the questions about death that you’ve ever wanted to ask (and more than a few you never thought to). You’ll learn how to avoid incendiary pacemakers and exploding caskets, why Victorians ate mummies and Napoleon artfully arranged skulls, and what morticians do to give you a rosy glow without blood flow.

– Is your hamster, cat, or dog most likely to be first in line at the dead-body buffet? The answer may surprise you!
– Why did people start booby-trapping graves after the Civil War? Hint: It’s not vampire related.
– What’s your best shot at becoming a tree after you die? If you said cremation, you may want to sit down for Chapter 5.

But have no fear—this no-holds-barred account of the end that awaits us all is delivered with a smile and a wink. Death always wins, but laughter is a nice consolation prize.