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When There Are No Words


When There Are No Words explores the significant ways in which we can relate to each other without words. It is a playful reminder of the power that lives in subtle gestures, passionate embraces, and the wink of an eye; it is a celebration of the human connection, for it reveals how actions make us understood and help us to understand others. Packaged in a deluxe, oversized format, this interactive volume features the colorful, dynamic illustrations, warm prose, and distinctive quality that characterize Magsamen’s work and have made her business, Table Tiles, Inc., a major force in the gift market worldwide. Inventive and masterfully crafted, When There Are No Words encourages touch through its magnetic cover that inspires readers to “connect” with the book. Ten magnetic pieces are placed on the cover-the five words of the title and five images-so that readers can literally take away the words and build their own word and image scenarios. The book also contains many other special interactive features, including: diecut pages; a clock with spinning hands; a gatefold; a globe that turns; and a pocket for magnet storage. Particularly during these times when the need to communicate may be more urgent, but more difficult, this wonderful volume is an exceptional year-round token of love that expresses caring when words are simply not enough.