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Never the Same: Coming to Terms with the Death of a Parent

 Category: Youth & Children

For those who experienced the death of parent during their childhood or teen years, a guide to understanding and working through the impact this loss continues to have on their adult lives

Children and teens who experience the death of a parent are never the same. Only in the last decade have counselors acknowledged that children grieve too, and that unresolved issues can negatively impact children into adulthood. Unaddressed grief can lead to depression, substance abuse, and relationship difficulties. For at least three generations of adults, these issues have been largely ignored.

Having worked with thousands of families as Executive Director of the Dougy Center for Grieving Children, Donna Schuurman understands the dangers of unresolved grief better than anyone else. In Never the Same , Schuurman offers expert advice and encouragement to empower readers to reflect on their unique situation, come to terms with the influence of their parent’s death, and live more healthful, peaceful lives.

The only book of its kind , Never the Same is an essential companion for those still struggling with the early loss of a parent.