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Music Care Conversation Cards: Dance

 Category: Youth & Children

These conversation cards can be used as a tool for reminiscence about dance, for movement and physical activity to music, and for creating spontaneous moments of dancing to music together. Each card has a theme with a picture and some questions.  These cards can be used to strike up conversations about dancing, to learn about different styles of dance and cultures around the world, and to find new opportunities for moving together. Don’t hesitate to try playing music associated with dances you may not be familiar with, and just experiment with simple movement. Dancing does not require someone to have full range of motor skills. Even expressive movement in a wheelchair can evoke the joy of dancing.

While this is not meant to be a choreography program, the cards can be used as a prompter for more structured dance activities. There are many online resources, community programs, and library books about how to dance all the styles that are introduced in these cards.