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Losing A Pet – A Book of Grief & Recovery: The Pathway to Finding Joy After Pet Loss When You Just Can’t Get Over Losing Your Soul Pet


Feeling lost without your soul pet? Is your heart shattered by their passing, whether it was completely unexpected or the natural result of old age? Are you feeling alone in this grief, asking yourself when the pain will end?

“Losing a Pet – A Book of Grief & Recovery” is your guide to peace and understanding.

While grief is a normal, healthy response to losing a beloved pet, it is important to work through its various stages and eventually find a way to move forward.

Understanding the depth of your bond and learning to celebrate rather than mourn your years together helps memorialize your pet. It also equips you with perspective and the capacity to love again. This book is your compassionate and comforting guide throughout the healing process—an understanding companion as you explore the depths of your grief. The journey to peace and recovery starts here. Emily Newcombe thought her world had ended when she lost both of her Fur-Babies within weeks of each other, but rather than allowing the pain to cripple her, she dedicated herself to researching and understanding the truth about pet grief.

In this book, she provides a blueprint for breaking out of the endless loop of sorrow and guilt.

Drawing on her own experiences–as well as those of others like her–she guides you through the mourning process while simultaneously acknowledging and memorializing the love you shared with your pet.

Within the pages of this book, you’ll discover:

  • Powerful Strategies for Identifying and Mastering Your Grief
  • Revealing the Profound Connection Between Humans and their Soul Pets
  • 8 Impactful Methods to Commemorate the Enduring Legacy of Your Fur-Baby
  • Easy Interactive Exercises to Help Acknowledge Your Emotions
  • Essential Chapter Takeaways to save you time and highlight key points
  • Valuable Recovery Approaches to Various Pet Loss Experiences
  • Effective Approaches to Integrate a New Pet into Your Life, Liberated from Guilt
  • Recommended Support Systems to Propel You Through Your Transformative Healing Journey
  • Learn How to Embrace Transitions and Transformations
  • Beautiful Quotes Selected to Resonate, Comfort and Provide Perspective