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Life After Death

 Category: Religion & Spirituality

Is there life after death?

This question has puzzled humankind from time immemorial. For thousands of years religions the world over have taught that life does not end at death. Ancient Egyptians used to bury boats with their dead for transport to a new life. Medieval Christendom was rife with graphic, “eye-witness” descriptions of heaven and hell. In the West today, many people claim to have seen or heard from the dead; others have “remembered” past lives while under hypnosis. Still other have experienced “death” and have returned with remarkably similar stories to tell. Yet sceptics, agnostics, and atheists have challenged or rejected the notion of an afterlife, arguing that there is no proof of it whatsoever. Who is right?

In Life After Death , Tom Harpur, religious scholar, journalist, and best-selling author, takes a fresh and wide-ranging look at the question. He searches with an open mind, not for proof, but for evidence, within science, psychology, the Bible, the tenets of world religions, and the extraordinary experiences of ordinary people. And the evidence he meticulously assembles points unfalteringly towards one, logical “Death is very much like birth. It is the traumatic but essential passage into a new phase of life.”

Life After Death is an extensively researched and eloquently reasoned investigation, which radiates the author’s intelligence and scholarship. Harpur’s powerful conclusions will challenge believers and sceptics alike. One thing is certain – his message will inspire all readers to reassess the meaning of life.