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Leave Your Light On: The Musical Mantra Left Behind by an Illuminating Spirit

 Category: Inspiration & Fiction

“After seven rounds of chemo, I lost my hair, but not my love of livin’ life…” Singer and songwriter Ryder Buck was a young man with an unstoppable dream to lift people up through his music. But a threatening cancer diagnosis showed that life had other plans. While the disease should have beaten him, Ryder rose above it all to live from a place of passion. Then fate stepped in. “Leave Your Light On,” is the song Ryder wrote that became his mantra. In this uplifting and powerful story, meet an unforgettable character determined to accept his own quirks and flaws with humor. You’ll see a parent-child relationship tested by unrelenting disease. And you’ll get a guide for shining your light, no matter what life or death throws your way. Though it wasn’t cancer that took Ryder, it was the catalyst that helped him grow into the shining spirit he became. His journey of love, courage, and truth will convince you that there is no challenge big enough to keep you from putting your special touch on the world…if you simply leave your light on.