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Intimate Death: How the Dying Teach Us How to Live

 Category: Inspiration & Fiction

How do we learn to die? Most of us spend our lives avoiding that question, but this luminous book–a major best-seller in France–answers it with a directness and eloquence that are nothing less than transforming. As a psychologist in a hospital for the terminally ill in Paris, Marie de Hennezel has spent seven years tending to people who are relinquishing their hold on life. She tells the stories of her patients and their families. de Hennezel teaches us how to turn death–our loved ones’ or our own–from something lonely and agonizing into a sacred passage. She discusses the importance of an honest reckoning, the value of ritual, the necessity of touch. In imparting these lessons, Intimate Death becomes a guide to living more fully, more intensely, than we had thought possible.