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Honoring the Mystery: Uplifting Insights from the Language, Visions, and Dreams of the Dying

 Category: Religion & Spirituality

Like a warm blanket on a chilly night and a compass for a wandering soul, Honoring the Mystery is a collection of inspiring and insightful stories that explore the mystery of death. Reading Honoring the Mystery provides a healing balm all its own. The reader will discover better ways to support themselves and others during this very tender time of transition. This heartfelt book encourages the reader to adapt the attitude of an explorer venturing into unknown realms while listening and absorbing all that is being shared by the dying and bereaved. Barbara Morningstar has lived at the frontier of death both personally—through the death of her husband to cancer—and professionally in the hospice field for more than twenty years. Her hands-on hospice and palliative care experience presents us with compassionate context for some of the more sensitive turning points witnessed during the dying phase of life. Barbara highlights key themes within the transcendent realm of mystery that are important to be aware of when companioning those nearing death or grieving. In turn, these make the journey less clinical, more approachable, less threatening, softer, and more loving. When embraced, these moments can help with healing and aid in a more peaceful passing. Important touch stones that are explored within the chapters Being open to and embracing these transcendent experiences can aid in healing and support a greater comfort for all engaged in the journey at end of the physical life.