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Grief Gap: From Isolation to Healing with Friends After a Loss


Dive into the heart of ‘Grief Gap: From Isolation to Healing with Friends After a Loss, ‘ a captivating and insightful picture book crafted for older children and teens. This narrative sparks crucial conversations about support in the aftermath of loss, narrated from the perspective of a 14-year-old coping with the profound loss of a parent.

As a guide for those seeking to comprehend and assist a grieving individual, this book provides valuable insights into navigating the unpredictable waves of grief. Authored by Sydney Mosher Menard and illustrated by Morgan Mosher-siblings and loss survivors as teens-‘Grief Gap’ transcends being a mere story; it serves as a bridge connecting hearts, fostering empathy, and encouraging the profound yet straightforward act of showing up for one another.

‘Grief Gap’ is a catalyst for reflection and fruitful discussions on the diverse needs of individuals on their grief journeys. With its accessible and engaging style, the book is an easy and compelling read, suitable for varying ages to grasp the complexities of grief and the vital role of support in the healing process. Readers will not only find valuable insights for supporting someone in grief but also gain a new understanding and acquire specific tools to effectively help a friend in need.