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Don’t F*cking Say That: A Guide for Avoiding Well-Intentioned Words that Make Tough Times Tougher


We all want to support the people we love when they’re going through tragedy. But have you ever tried to do so, and actually said completely the wrong thing, making their bad day even worse? If so, this is the book for you.

In Don’t F*cking Say That, Mellissa Librach offers an unflinchingly honest exploration of grief and resilience in the face of overwhelming loss. Having navigated the turbulent waters of child loss, suicide, and cancer, Mellissa reveals the power of words-both healing and hurtful-that friends, family, and strangers often use with the best of intentions.

This book is not just a personal account; it’s a crucial guide on the impact of our words. From Everything happens for a reason to At least… and all the silver linings in between, she unpacks why these common well-intentioned words often have the opposite effect. For anyone who has ever struggled to find the right words or wondered how to support loved ones in crisis, Mellissa provides alternative approaches that truly help. This powerful read is essential for understanding the complexities of grief and offering genuine support without causing further harm, and acts as a beacon for anyone looking to navigate tough times with empathy and sincerity.